Week 1: Weekly Smiles

Weekly Smiles

As a part of a new series every friday I want to share smiles that inspire me.

Maybe they are smiles that I witness once, in passing, or everyday. Lets spread the positive vibes and get to know the world one smile at a time.

This week I want to share with you some smiles that I see everyday!Β 

These are the students of my fourth grade class! Each of these toothy grins are just as unique as they are. Despite their clothes and hair all being in uniform, each of these nuggets are anything but boring!

This is Lilly! She is in K1 and rarely smiles for photographs, fortunately I caught this grin during playground time!

These two troublemakers are Jigsaw (left) and Poom (right) or rather “Poom The Handsome and Smart” or “The Amazing Spider Poom.” They are usually super heroes but in their time off they go to school, never a dull moment – they are always keeping Teacher Kelsey on her toes.Β 

Keep on smiling!

Kelsey xx

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