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10 Awesome Things to do in Hong Kong

Things to do in Hong Kong

Delectable eats and awe-inspiring sights are stacked and packed into every corner of this layered city. From quaint hilly city streets and breezy ferry rides to skyscrapers and cable cars Hong Kong is not a city to be ignored! Full of culture and buzz Hong Kong’s balance of old world vibes mixes with futuristic sights making it a must visit in 2017!

Here is a list of ten things that you must do while in this concrete jungle!

Visit Victoria Peak:

This is probably on every guide to Hong Kong out there, and let me tell you – it does not disappoint! You can get to The Peak by bus, tram or car, making it easily accessible for any traveler. The sloped hills covered in greenery give the insane view a pre-made vignette. Given the angle you are looking it seems as if the sky scrapers are popping up at you like a built in fisheye lens! This spot is a must for views of the city day and night.

Feast on lots and lots of delicious food:

In Hong Kong Dim Sum rules with restaurants on every corner selling the most delectable steamed pillows of amazingness. Don’t be afraid to go somewhere that just seems busy! The best meals I had were at places that I didn’t obsessively research before hand. Just go where there are the most people, if its busy it most likely means it’s good!

**Eat the fish balls!! Even though this sounds mega questionable they were SO delicious. They taste nothing like fish and everything like what dreams are made of.


Shop at the Temple Street Market:

Just off Nathan Street (another cool place to wander around) is Temple Street Market. Similar to other markets in SE Asia, it is jam packed with trinkets, clothes, bags and knickknacks. It seemingly goes on for miles – it really seems like it never ends.

There are some cool restaurants around there too! Stop and grab a plate of noodles and a beer while you people watch. Sometimes it is just nice to take a time out and observe all the craziness around you.

*Get there a bit later, around 10PM when the shops are closing down – then you’ll get the best prices


Marvel at Hong Kong’s skylines from the ferry:

For around five dollars you can take a ferry from Hong Kong’s Kowloon side to its main center. This is a great way to see both the shores from a different angle! It is not too long of a ride and a fun way to mix up your transportation.

Explore Aberdeen Center:

On Hong Kong’s island close to the pier are the hilly streets commonly referred to as Aberdeen Center this is where the majority of the restaurants are based. There are hip coffee shops to the most instagram-able dessert spots.

The stacked architecture of the buildings are randomly decorated with super cool street art transforming the fresh market lined alleys into a mix of old world shops and hip modern vibes.


Stroll through Victoria Harbor:

On the Kowloon side of Hong Kong is Victoria Harbor. There are a couple different museums that line the water along with a glass-fenced promenade. This is where you can get your picture perfect snap of the skyline!

Along with being a beautiful spot to wander, there are often events and performances taking place at its amphitheater like seating area. Pack a lunch and sit on the steps and watch the boats sail past.

Gawk at the architecture of Quarry Bay:

If you take the MTR a bit outside of the center of town you will find the towering apartment clusters that cover the walls of Pinterest. All around Hong Kong there are these tightly packed mega apartments. They are called ‘mansions.’

The mansions closer to the center of Hong Kong are filled with hundreds of vendors and food stalls. They often get a bit of a seedy rap. The mansions outside of the center of the city are empty and because they are not filled with shops the chaotic mess of tiny apartments that make up the mansion are exposed. Make sure to bring your camera as these are some views you definitely want to document.

Ride the Nong Ping 360 cable car:

Take the MTR to Chong Thor station; right near the station you can get tickets for the Nong Ping 360 cable car. Even if the line is long, its worth the wait! For 200 HK Dollars roughly 25 USD you get a round trip ticket on the cable car, which soars over the mountainous Lantau Island. The views are really quite astounding! You get a full view of the Big Buddha from the sky, along with an aerial view of the surrounding mountains.

Climb the 267 steps to the Tian Tan Buddha:

On Lantau Island is the famed Big Buddha temple! There are 267 steps that lead up to this towering statue. The Buddha is seated in a lotus flower high up in the sky. The surrounding area is very picturesque: large mountains and lush foliage. This is a must visit destination if you have the time!

Wander the grounds of the Po Lin Monastery:

Near the Big Buddha is the Pho Lin Monastery. This beautiful oasis is not only a submergence into Chinese Buddhist spirituality, it is also so intricately gorgeous! The architecture is stunning, bright and detailed. It is a fantastic spot to photograph and explore. Although it is a tourist attraction it is still a full functioning Monastery and is still frequented by many locals. A truly amazing place to slow down, and mellow out listening to the chanting of monks and patter of footsteps.



Hong Kong will surely steal your heart with its unique streets, architecture and food! A whirlwind romance that will leave you reminiscing for many years to come. These 10 things will keep you busy but I am sure you will find countless more things to do with your time. I was able to fit these ten things into four days there but I wish I had two more weeks. I can’t wait to return to this inspiring vibrant city! So much love for you HK.




  1. awww love your blog dear!!! beautiful pictures and so many useful tips!!! will visit HongKong some day and will defintely need your list!!! the food at The Peak looks amazing!!! thanks for sharing !

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