Smiles from Anuban Phetchabun's Sport's Day.

Weekly Smiles: Week 9

Smiles from Anuban Phetchabun’s Sports Day.

Week 9: Sports Day

In Thai schools there are no sports teams that compete regularly. Instead a couple times a year Sport Days are held giving the students an opportunity to show off their skill and let rival schools compete against each other. The days are full of pomp and circumstance, beginning with a large parade in the morning. The afternoons are full of tournament style games. Competitive games are more commonly played in secondary school and since I work in a primary school the games consisted of three legged races and water ballon tosses!

These adorable smiles are from the Sport Day at the primary school I work at! How cute are they?!




Lots of hugs to start off the morning!

Smiles from Anuban Phetchabun's Sport's Day.


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