Wonderfruit: So Much More Than Just A Music Festival

Wonderfruit Festival

As the days last light recedes behind the distant mountains, final twinkles of its golden rays flirt with the towering stages. Fire spinners dressed in elaborate costumes become engulfed by the pulsating crowd. You can hear the beat of drums and the distant sound of gongs ringing. This is Wonderfruit. A festival which is so much more then simply a music festival. It is an inclusive space for dreamers, artists, activists and creatives – wonderers. Its many acres of dusty expanse provide the perfect backdrop for this otherworldly adventure. The art instillation’s, workshops, talks and farm to feast food make this festival so much more then your average music festival.

The Architecture and Art:

Ranging from earthy to ethereal all eight of the stages at Wonderfruit did not disappoint. Each stage distinctly different from the other they each encompassed unique styles and housed their own vibes.


The solar stage, designed by Gregg Fleishman, a renowned architect whose pieces are regulars at festivals such as Nevada’s Burning Man, specialized in electronic beats that pulsated from dusk till much after dawn.


The Farm Stage took inspiration from SE Asian temples channeling an eco friendly vibe being entirely made from grasses whereas,  The Living Stage displayed colorful metal peacock feathers emanating a more conventional stage feel. The hidden Quarry Stage was surrounded with large bamboo made trees, creating the perfect juxtaposition for the laser show that accompanied the music.

Along with the stages there were numerous creatively made spaces for meditation, naps, eating and drinking.

Along with the architecture there were many different art instillations that were sprinkled around the fields. Fan favorites included Wonder Kar, a crowd funded creation highlighting community by Adam Pollina, Upcycled Bottles by Farm Group and Dance Of Colors by Joan ‘Hohana’ Vinas – a display of glow in the dark mandalas, each of which were hand crafted and represent different natural formations.

Upcycled Bottles by Farm Group

Wonder Kar
Wonderfruit Festival
Bonafide By Zieght
Dance Of Colors by Joan ‘Hohana’ Vinas

The Workshops:

Wonderfruit was full of things to do, there was never a moment where one could be unoccupied! From honey tasting and traditional fabric dying to flower crown creation or gong baths, there was be no problem keeping busy.

Dyeing cloth using Turmeric

The Wonderfruit App made it easy to see all of the workshops and talks that were happening on the fields. Descriptions and times were attached to each activity and the app made it possible to create a schedule for yourself. There were talks on the environment, empowerment, and holistic living.

Cloth Dyeing using local coffee and Turmeric
Live painting session
Learning how to screen print.

The Food:

Boasting a grand total of 50 food trucks along with their own onsite farm and banquet halls, there was no shortage of tasty bites. There were options for every food lover carnivore, herbivore or omnivore alike, all with an organic and sustainable focus. Sip on fresh squeezed juice paired with an Acai bowl and wander the grounds or sit down for a meal at one of the hip restaurants transplanted straight from Bangkok!

Veggie Sandwich
Organic Tea
Crepes in the making
Traditional Northern Thai breakfast – grilled pork, eggs, sticky rice and fried dough
Sum Tum Ingredients

Overall Wonderfuit was a spectacular feat – encompassing art, food, and culture. From its magnificent architectural displays to its progressive sustainable initiatives this is not a festival to be missed.

To read more about everything you need for Wonderfruit, check out my survival guide!

Scroll down for more photos from Wonderfruit!

Wonderfruit Festival
Fashion Central – Wonder Salon
Wonderfruit Festival
Trash Cans throughout the field were dressed up as “Trash Monsters”
Wonderfruit Festival
Donation only tea bar

Wonderfruit Festival

Wonderfruit Festival
Coffee and honey tasting
Wonderfruit Festival
Regular Admission Tent Camping

Wonderfruit Festival

Wonderfruit Festival

Wonderfruit Festival

Wonderfruit Festival

Wonderfruit Festival

Wonderfruit Festival

Wonderfruit Festival

Wonderfruit Festival

Wonderfruit Festival




A large thank you to Wonderfruit Festival for sponsoring my entry, as always opinions stated are my own. 

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