6 Reasons You Need to Visit Luang Prabang Right Now

Driving into Luang Prabang from the airport, your stress miraculously starts to melt away. There is something about the fresh air, towering mountains and plethora of palm trees which transports you to a place of zen. Luang Prabang quickly stole my heart, as I suspect it will yours — here are six reasons you need to visit Luang Prabang right now. 


Visit Luang Prabang


#1 There’s nothing like cycling through the Old Town

On the first day we arrived renting bikes and cycling through the Old Town was the best decision we could have made. The town is moderately small, but on foot, to explore all of it would have taken quite a while. It was excellent to get our bearings via the bike and witness how absolutely stunning the town is. Cycle through the colonial streets and around the perimeter near the Mekong for a scenic tour. 


#2 The sunsets are incredible 

There is nothing like a sunset on the Mekong. Grab a beer Lao at one of the local outdoor cafes on the water or opt for a sunset boat cruise for the best views. We went on the Sa Sa Sunset Cruise which was a good value for money. The boat was exceptionally clean, and the vibe was chilled, all for only $10 USD!

Visit Luang Prabang


#3 Local crafts and jewellery are gorgeous

In the artisan shops, along with at the night market, I was so surprised at the impressive array of crafts, jewellery and art. Traditional umbrellas lined the stalls of the night market, along with traditional textiles and silverware. Many local artisans make their goods out of the metal from the UXO in the region.  


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#4 The temples are unreal

Having been the ancient royal capital and now UNESCO World Heritage Site, Luang Prabang is home to some 30 utterly gorgeous Buddhist temples. With just few days it will be hard to visit all of them — Wat Pa Phai, That Makmo, Wat  Xiong Thong, and the Royal Palace were some of my favourites!


#5 Kuang Si Waterfalls will blow your mind

Located around 40 minutes outside of the town are the magical Kuang Si Waterfalls. The aqua blue waters are crisp and the towering and falls are sure to take your breath away. Inside the park are a few hikes and different spots to swim. Make sure to wear decent shoes, and be respectful of the local rules.


#5 Lao food is delicious

Similar in some ways to its southern neighbour of Thailand, Luang Prabang shares a similar dialect and some overlap in the dishes. We chowed down on lots of laarb and sticky rice. Utopia had great food along with Coconut Garden.

Laarb Laos


#6 You will feel SO rejuvenated and relaxed

Chill out at Utopia Bar, read a book by the Mekong,  or sip a coffee at one of the many spots in town — regardless of what you choose you are guaranteed to feel relaxed in Luang Prabang.


Your turn! Have you been to Luang Prabang? Comment what you loved about it below.


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