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9 Essentials Every Traveler Needs

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When it comes to traveling there is so much that is blissfully random, but it’s important to be as prepared as you can be for whatever adventures you stumble upon! Here are 9 travel essentials whether your next trip is a couple weeks or a couple months!

Packing Cubes – Travel Organizers

If you are like me, and are extremely unorganized packing cubes will be your BEST friend! These are so helpful for travel especially when you are living out of a backpack for weeks at a time. Knowing where your different types of clothes are will make finding things so much easier!

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Universal Travel Adapter

Having an adapter is a must when traveling in order to make sure that your electronics are always charged and ready! If your travels include many different stops figuring out all the different adapters can be pricey and confusing. Getting a universal one will help so much!

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Small Notebook

You never know when you will want to jot down an address or name! Having a lightweight notebook will always come in handy!

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Dry Shampoo

This is one of my FAV items to use while traveling! Dry shampoo is a total lifesaver when showers are maybe a bit more intermittent or if you are in hot climates and your hair is showing it!

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External Battery Pack

I have been stuck out in completely unknown locations or neighborhoods without a charging bank and my phone has died! Navigating my way home always turned into a much more stressful affair than it needs to be! Keep one of these with you at all times, you won’t regret it!

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Sleep Mask

While you are traveling chances are you will be taking a long bus ride or will have a long journey where you will want to get some shut eye! Especially in SE Asia these will become very familiar to you! Even though they look silly I would highly recommend them, I have this one and its great!

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

This ties in with the sleeping mask above. There will be times where sleep is needed but your environment is loud making it difficult to do so. Investing in a good pair of noise cancelling earphones or earbuds will be a worthwhile purchase!

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Collapsible Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key! Especially on those long flights or on long travel days, but sometimes a refillable water bottle can be cumbersome to carry. This one is perfect because it can collapse and clip on to your bag when you don’t need it!

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GorillaPod – Magnetic Tripod

This little tripod is so awesome! Before I upgraded my camera to a large DSLR I used this ALL. THE. TIME. it’s a perfect size to carry and can easily hold your phone or a point and shoot camera. Hello selfies!!

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I hope that these essentials and travel tips help when you are getting ready for your next trip!

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