Hi there, I’m Kelsey!

It’s nice to meet you! Whichever way you have stumbled across this page, I am forever grateful. We live in a world of websites so I am honored that you have chosen to learn a little bit more about mine!

Growing up my nickname was ‘miles of smiles’ – I giggled my way into this world and simply never stopped grinning. When I was 16 years old I took my first solo trip to Costa Rica which was soon followed at 19 with a semester of university abroad in Budapest, Hungary. Needless to say, from then on I was infatuated with other places.

I studied philosophy in university, learning about different cultures and as soon as I graduated I set off in search of them! I left home just after my 22nd birthday, for Thailand where I taught English for a year and a half. From Thailand I moved to Vietnam where I base my adventures from now. I currently am still teaching English full-time, and fitting in as many adventures as I can on days off!

I started this little blog as a way to document my travels, share tips that I have learned, along with a way to provide inspiration and information for you! In order to see the world you don’t need an overflowing bank account, a friend to go with you, or even a plan! I am living proof of this! All you need is the drive and courage to take that first step.  

A smile is in itself a universal language, one that can break down barriers and open new doors. Lets spread the positivity, empowerment and smiles all around the globe. 

Keep smiling,



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