Hi there! I'm Kelsey, it's nice to meet you :D

Thanks for visiting this little corner of the inter-web.

I have a feeling that you are an awesome, adventurous, kick-butt kinda human but that’s not all. You might be interested in traveling the world too huh?

But wait. That’s an overwhelming idea, right?

Raise your hand if you have ever thought….

  • You need lots of money to go on fancy international holidays
  • You must buy all the travel guide books.
  • You need years of experience to work abroad, or a computer science degree to start blogging.
  • You need a friend or partner to make the journey with you


*Raises all the hands*


Let me tell ya my friend … I have been there too, but (and I don’t like to say this) I was wrong.

Truth is - you don't need any of that. What you do need are the tools and knowledge which will help set you up for an amazing journey. This I can help you with.

Here on Miles of Smiles I help ambitious happy hearts travel through SE Asia, learn how to navigate the blogging world and build a fantastic community.