There are few things in life better than a quality brunch, but sometimes they are hard to find. After three years of ‘brunch trials’ in Vietnam’s capital city, I compiled the best of the best for Hanoi – here are my top picks.

Ma Xó

Sitting on the picturesque Truc Bach lake is Hanoi’s latest addition to the ever-growing brunch scene. This earthy escape serves up the best avo toast in the city along with a killer cà phê sữa đá to match. Along with these classics they also specialize in craft cocktails, have an expertly curated wine list and with a space this cool it is sure that your brunch very well may run into happy hour. With rotating art displays, live music events, and a kitchen run by a KOTO (Know One, Teach One, social enterprise) chef, I have a feeling Ma Xo is about to be the next big thing. Prices here range from 70K – 100K VND (3 – 4 USD )

©  Ma Xo

Rosemary’s Kitchen + Sandwicherie

With craft beer on tap and a lengthy sandwich/panini menu, Rosemary’s is a classic brunch favorite in Hanoi. Make your own panini or choose from a premade selection, all sandwiches come with a fresh salad and garlic potato wedges on the side. They even have fresh vegan desserts for a post-brunch treat! Here be prepared to spend around 100K for a dish (4 USD)

©  Rosemary’s Kitchen + Sandwicherie

Hanoi Social Club

Hanoi Social Club is located right in the Old Quarter near the infamous train street. The quirky decor, original art, and absolutely delicious food make this place one of the most popular brunch spots in Hanoi! You can’t go wrong ordering their avo-toast or lime chicken sandwich.

It is also a great social watering hole of sorts – hosting different talks and music nights. Check out their Facebook page for what is happening while you’re in town. Prices here start around 30K and go up to 200K (1-8 USD).

3 Chi Ems

Three Chi Em’s is a Vietnamese alternative to brunch, specializing in a traditional lunch dish called Cơm Bình Dân. Starting at 11 am they have tons of fresh options like tofu and tomato or garlic bok choy that you can choose to pile onto rice. If you don’t want rice, no problem! They also do a variety of other different Vietnamese dishes. A meal that looks something like this (photo below) will cost around 50K VND (2 USD)

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Lifted Coffee + Brunch

Located right in the heart of the Old Quarter Lifted has quickly become a total favorite for expats, locals, and travelers alike. Prices range from 100K – 200K VND (4 – 8 USD), which will get you western staples with a healthy, Aussie twist. Their granola and yogurt bowls along with specialty smoothies are delicious. They change their menu every month, see what’s new on their Facebook page!

©  Lifted Coffee and Brunch

La Studio 

Tucked away, down the winding alleys of Quang An in Tay Ho is Hanoi’s best kept *vegan* secret. Everything here from the smoothie bowls to the faux-salmon locs with cashew cream cheese is utterly scrumptious. Everything is 100% vegan and 100% delicious. Check out their Facebook page for more info! Prices usually will be around 50K -100K VND (3 – 4 USD)

©  La Studio

St. Honore Bakery 

If you have a sweet tooth or a craving for fresh bread, then St. Honore is the place for you! Freshly baked bread and pastries fill the air at this artisanal French bakery. They offer a range of delicious brunch mains, from sandwiches to salads or if you are feeling a bit fancy – duck or seabass! They have a few locations in Hanoi, check online to see which you are closest to. Depending on what you order prices here range from 100K – 300K VND (4 – 13 USD).

©  St. Honore Bakery

Maison De Tet Decor

If you are looking for a slightly more upscale meal, Maison De Tet Decor should be your go to. Located in a beautifully renovated old French mansion, this brunch/coffee house is such a relaxing aesthetically pleasing place to dine in. Offering a wide variety of specialty coffee roasts, sandwiches, soups, salads and burgers it will be easy to choose something to satisfy your brunch cravings! Prices here range from 100K – 300K VND (4 – 13 USD).


Ming Restaurant

Feast on an all-you-can-eat dim sum extravaganza at the fashionable Ming Restaurant located in Hanoi’s Pan Pacific Hotel. For two hours any day of the week – within the timeframe of 11 am until 2 pm, order as many of the delicious dumplings, noodles, soups or veggies that your heart desires. Make sure to call ahead for a reservation, tables fill up quickly! This brunch is a flat rate of 550K VND around 23 USD.

©  Minh Restaurant

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