11 of the Best Cafes in Hanoi

Best Cafes in Hanoi - 11 Must-Try Cafes in Hanoi

Hanoi, without a doubt, has a deep running coffee shop culture. Regardless of the time of day, the city’s cafes are overflowing with citizens from all walks of life. Though Hanoi is famous for its Egg Coffee, there are a myriad of hideouts that have a more low key menu. After living in Hanoi for almost three years now, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites! Here are 11 of the best cafes in Hanoi. 


Tranquil Coffee and Books

BEST CAFE FOR: getting work done

As reflected in their name, Tranquil is well – tranquil! With a usually enforced whisper only policy, it is the perfect place to get some work done. Great wifi, tasty Aussie coffee beverages like long black’s and flat whites make up the menu, though you can of course still get the Vietnamese classics as well!

TIP: Tranquil has a few locations around the city, the best for getting work done will be their 8 Nguyen Quang Bich location. This is also right next to the Train Street!

Best cafes in Hanoi


Căng-Tin 109 Cà Phê

BEST CAFE FOR: people wanting to get off the beaten path

Căng-Tin is like traveling back in time to Hanoi 100 years ago when the streets were quiet and life was slow. This old-world cafe is located a little out of the way, and far from the tourist trail. Situated next to a pagoda in a small neighborhood it’s an authentic escape from the chaos of the Old Quarter. The menu will all be in Vietnamese – unsure what to order, go with a  trà quất (kumquat iced tea) it is delicious here!

Best Cafes in Hanoi

Blackbird Coffee

BEST CAFE FOR: a trendy coffee meet up

Fashionable to a T, Blackbird Coffee has the Euro-style cafe vibe down. With a lofted working/chatting space and the shiny metallic espresso matches below this is the place for a world-class americano or latte.

TIP: on the same street as Black Bird Coffee is Pho 10  Ly Quoc Su – this place is delicious and might be my favorite bowl of pho in the city. Pair these two things together to keep you caffeinated and full!

Best cafes in Hanoi
© Blackbird Coffee

Cafe Giảng

BEST CAFE FOR: Hanoi Egg Coffee

A true local establishment Cafe Giảng has been around since 1946 and was founded by the inventor of egg coffee himself. Back in the 40’s milk was scarce but the love of milky coffee was strong. Mr. Nguyen Giang was working as a bartender in the revered Hotel Metropole where he created the recipe. It was a hit – needless to say, and has changed the landscape of coffee in Hanoi for the better. Try this sweet creamy treat at their Old Quarter location.

Best cafes in Hanoi

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A Little Hoi An Coffee & Tea

BEST CAFE FOR: the views

As the name suggests – this little cafe is big on the Hoi An theme. Bringing a little bit of the beloved central city to Hanoi is a welcome idea. Lanterns hang from all inches and cozy floor seating makes this a great spot to hunker down. Though all this is great, really the star of this cafe is the lofty balcony and the fantastic views from it! Get a view of Hanoian architecture unlike anywhere in the city!

Best Cafes in Hanoi

Cafe Nola

BEST CAFE FOR: art and quirky decorations lovers

Tucked away from the bustle of Hanoi’s largest and most touristy street Ma May, is Nola. A gem is hidden in plain sight. Enter through a small alley on the side of the road, and be prepared to be transported to a whimsical, land full of paintings and coffee. This multi-story cafe not only makes a mean cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese iced coffee) but they also have a rooftop terrace and a rotating art gallery! 

Best Cafes in Hanoi

Hanoi House

BEST CAFE FOR: authentic Hanoi vibes + the view

Located straight across from St. Joseph’s Cathedral Hanoi House is in a superb location though – you may not even see it! Follow signs down a dark alley and up a few flights of stairs. At the top will be Hanoi House, which is indeed inside a traditional historic house. With a small balcony and traditional cement tiled floor, this no-frills establishment is serving all the grunge Hanoi vibes.  

Best Cafes in HanoiThe Note Coffee

BEST CAFE FOR: the Instagram photos

The Note Coffee is the epitome of quirky and cute. The walls from floor to ceiling are lined with colorful post-it notes with messages from people all over the world. The open-air rooms extend a few stories up and give great views of the street below. Located right in the heart of the Old Quarter, The Note Coffee Shop is a great place to duck into when you need a break from exploring. The drinks, like the, must try coconut latte, are sweet just like the decor – it is an absolute must visit!

Best Cafes in Hanoi


Hanoi Social Club

BEST CAFE FOR: the Sunday brunch

One of everyone’s favorites is this speak-easy/cafe, Hanoi Social Club is more than just a coffee shop. They hold workshops and talks every week and act like a  community meet up spot. Offering a full menu of absolutely scrumptious items, plus – wifi, games, and even cocktails in the evening you could easily spend an entire day here! Located down an alley near Hanoi’s famous railroad street it’s a great location to base more exploration.

TIP: Sometimes Hanoi Social Club gets a tad crowded with travelers. Get off the tourist trail and visit their sister location Ma Xo. Operated in part by the same owner, Ma Xo is right on Truc Bach lake!

Best Cafes in Hanoi


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Cong Caphe

BEST CAFE FOR: classic Northern Vietnam decor and drinks

This famous chain is almost like the Starbucks of Vietnam. Normally this would put me off but the fact that there is a Cong on every corner is a reason to celebrate! Decked out in wartime apparel this themed cafe has an impressive menu of exclusively Vietnamese favorites from yogurt coffee to smoothies you can get a real taste of history along with a tasty cuppa something great!

TIP: Most well known for their blended coconut coffee, give this a try but come back for a Bac Xiu (Vietnamese coffee with lots of condensed milk) or Tra Quat Mat Ong (Kumquat tea with honey)

Best cafes in Hanoi



BEST CAFE FOR: getting work done + the artspace

Half art gallery, half airy cafe Manzi is a fantastic meet up spot or a quiet spot to get work done. Check out what is on display upstairs or in the downstairs gallery, or just get comfortable at a table to do some work. Located in a beautiful old building, the high ceilings and cute courtyard are enough to make anyone swoon. With a small snacks menu and a cafe which transitions to a cocktail bar in the evening, it is another place where it is easy to spend all day!

Best cafes in Hanoi

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