Weekly Smiles: Week 9

Smiles from Anuban Phetchabun's Sport's Day.
Smiles from Anuban Phetchabun’s Sports Day.

Week 9: Sports Day

In Thai schools there are no sports teams that compete regularly. Instead a couple times a year Sport Days are held giving the students an opportunity to show off their skill and let rival schools compete against each other. The days are full of pomp and circumstance, beginning with a large parade in the morning. The afternoons are full of tournament style games. Competitive games are more commonly played in secondary school and since I work in a primary school the games consisted of three legged races and water ballon tosses!

These adorable smiles are from the Sport Day at the primary school I work at! How cute are they?!




Lots of hugs to start off the morning!

Smiles from Anuban Phetchabun's Sport's Day.


Week 8

Some of my favorite smiles that I see everyday are these! One friday Daniel, Sarah and I went over to our favorite coffee shop to celebrate its owner’s birthday!

Bird and May are the sweetest baristas around, not only do they make a mean latte, this night they cooked us a yummy dinner of chicken wings and french fries!

Happy Birthday Bird!



My boyfriend Daniel!  My boyfriend Daniel! May (left) and Bird (right)  May (left) and Bird (right) Sarah: a fellow teacher in Phetchabun and good friend! Sarah: a fellow teacher in Phetchabun and good friend!

Week 7

Every November during the full moon Thailand celebrates Loy Krathong! This holiday celebrates the end of the rainy season, as well as is a day to give thanks to the Water Goddess. In the evening you light a candle on a Krathong (a decorated float made from banana leaves) and float it out on a lake or river. This symbolizes letting go of past resentment and fear! A beautiful celebration with even cuter little participants. These are some of my students making their Krathongs!

Keep smiling!



Week 6

Weekly Smiles

While staying at a guest house in Puerto Princesa we met the sweetest little girl! Her name is Avi! Avi’s mother owns Marie Ville Bed and Breakfast.

We were only in Puerto Princesa for a day, and because it rained the whole time we spent the majority of our time at the house with Avi. She giggled her way into our hearts, what an unforgettable little nugget!

Week 5

Weekly Smiles

After a fleeting two days in Hanoi I was completely in love. Here are some of the lovely smiles that graced its crowded, crazy streets.

As I wandered along the roads and alleys that make up Hanoi I was overwhelmed with people and foods. Ladies selling different types of fruit lined the streets, small little restaurants made up of just a few stools were scattered along the sidewalks. Smells of soups, bread, and meat filled the air, as car and motorcycle horns honked incessantly. The wild assault to the senses was calmed by the laughter and beaming smiles that accompanied the craziness.

Weekly 4: Weekly Smiles

Weekly Smiles

Recently I spent a week in Vietnam here are some of my favorite smiles!

While in Vietnam my boyfriend and I traveled to Sapa and trekked through the rice terraced mountains for two days! We stayed at our guides grandmas house, and these little cuties all lived there as well. These are our guide Mays’ cousins.

I spent the evening playing hide and seek and chasing them around and around and around. Their giggles echoed through the slatted wood house just as their small pattering footsteps on the dirt floor echoed the sound of the rain on the metal rooftop.

Week 3: Weekly Smiles

Weekly Smiles

Gorgeous Hmong lady with the worlds cutest baby who we met on our trek through the mountains of Sapa. Gorgeous Hmong lady with the worlds cutest baby who we met on our trek through the mountains of Sapa.

Recently I spent a week in Vietnam, here are some of my favorite smiles!

While in Vietnam we traveled to Sapa, while there we completed a two day, one night trek through its famous rice terraced mountains. Our guide who was absolutely wonderful invited us to stay at her grandmothers house in a village near by. We opted to spend the night there and get off the ‘beaten path.’ Here are some of the beautiful people we encountered on this adventure.

This is May! She was our trekking guide and only 17 years old!! She said her mother got married when she was 16 and had May closely there after. May told us that it is not the path for her though, she wants to continue her studies and get an education. May was incredibly smart, curious, spoke english impeccably and is obviously a very hard worker. She does a couple two day treks a week, along with going to school on the days she isn’t hiking!

Three generations of Hmong women, they were guiding another group of hikers — two days of trekking with a little baby on her back! Incredible!

A family we stopped and talked with in a small village in the mountains of Lao Chai, their smiles were infectious!