Traveling by yourself doesn’t mean you can’t take great photos! Throughout the years some of my favorite travel photos have been taken while I’ve been exploring solo.

Here are my top tips for newbie solo photographers!

Be organized:

This is a big one, be organized! If you know you are going to be exploring a city solo it’s important to know what you want to see. Look up the times that places open, check the weather, and figure out how it’s best to get around.

Getting all these little details figured out or at least being aware of them will help you maximize your time exploring and help you feel more comfortable! Worst thing is being stuck outside in the rain because the place you wanted to go is closed, while also lugging around all your gear anddd confused about how to get to your next location – trust me, learn from my mistakes!!

Made sure that I knew the bike routes to this monument! Taken with a tripod while in Taipei, Taiwan

Wake up early:

Most tourist locations and attractions will open quite early buttt not many will get there until later. Wake up early and get to places right as they open – not only will this help you keep your shot clear of random people but also it’s safer! You won’t have to worry about someone snagging your bag or bumping your tripod resulting in all sorts of disasters.

Only photo bombs are the birds this early in the morning! Taken with a tripod in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Use a tripod:

Tripods seem super annoying but they are your best friend! Invest in a light-weight one like this Manfrotto travel tripod. This will make it super easy to set up a shot quickly giving you more time to see things! One of the best things about Tripods are that they allow you to get the EXACT shot you are thinking of in your mind.

When I first started off taking photos I had a small digital camera, so I bought this magnetic GorillaPod to go with it. It was a TOTAL lifesaver. I would attach it to lamp posts or I’d precariously perch it on my bike helmet. So many of my early shots are owed to that lil’ tripod!

Patiently waiting for people to not be in the shot/dodging large tour groups while also posing with my tripod! Fewf! Hanoi, Vietnam

Have no shame:

One of my favorites! I used to be sooo self conscious of taking photos. Now I just whip that tripod up and pose like ain’t nobody’s watching, even though they totally still are. Usually people will be more curious than judgey though, and if they are judging then let em’ judge away! You’re gonna have fabulous photos to document your super brave endeavors of solo soul searching, in the end it don’t matta.

Caught some major side eye when taking this shot but hey I’m just enjoying the view! Taken with a tripod in Cat Ba, Vietnam

Ask a stranger:

If ALL ELSE fails ask a stranger. If you find yourself somewhere that is maybe crowded or just not quite ideal tripod or selfie stick conditions asking someone else is gonna be what you have to do. I usually try at all costs not to do this, 9 times out of 10 the shot will look nothing like what you want it to.

If you do, try to look for someone else who also has a Camera of similar or higher quality to yours. Then, not only do you not have to worry about someone running off with your prized possession but also they potentially  know what they are doing. Always be polite, they may be in a hurry but usually people will be nice. Always offer to take one of them back! 🙂

My tripod wasn’t tall enough to get this shot! Taken by a friend in Shifen, Taiwan

There you have it! After countless solo photography outings there are my top tips for taking pictures of yourself, while by yourself! Hope these tips help you on your next adventure! 

Are you planning an awesome solo trip?! Click here to get my beginners guide to Adobe Lightroom.

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