Background: From 2015 to now, 2020, I have been living out my tumultuous early 20’s abroad in SE Asia. For a while, I have known that it was time to pack up and leave. Though timeline as been quicker than anticipated, the feelings regarding this large change, remain the same. It’s a break-up, one which, from the moment the journey started, I knew would eventually come to an end. In these bittersweet final days in Vietnam, I’ve written this to help myself process the change, and perhaps those of you facing a change, or a moment of flux, too can relate to these words.


A little love letter to my life abroad: The end of an era.


Oh, my sweet Hà Nội. My last four years. 


My heart is heavy with change. 


Though, I know everyone’s life is changing in dramatic ways right now, I didn’t think our time would end like this.


I know it’s not goodbye, but instead, just, hẹn gặp lại. Yet, even with this knowledge, I can’t stop the tears.


The years I’ve spent here have been a time of healing, a time of adventure, and a time of growth. But, living in Neverland can’t last forever and so, it is time that we part ways. 


I am immensely grateful. 


Grateful for the lessons which you have taught me. 


Lessons in:







And grateful for your studies in: 






And love


I will forever remember the moments which made up the years. The friendships, experiences, mishaps, and struggles.


I feel as though I am in mourning. For the person I was, and life, I led here. 


Was it all even real? 


Yes, it was. 


Yours always,