Authentic Growth

Authentic Growth

Want to grow your community on Instagram, attracting people who are engaged and interested in what you do? This is how.

Does this sound like you?

You want to stand out online and attract people who share your interests and vision.

You want to grow a positive platform without using shortcuts or paying for numbers.


You want to positively impact your community and be a part of something.

You want to use Instagram as a tool to create a community of like minded people interested in your business or website. 

You want to stay true to yourself, find your voice and also succeed on Instagram.

If these are sounding familiar, then you my friend are right where you need to be!

What makes Authentic Growth different?

There are a lot of books and courses out there all about increasing your followers and somehow equating that to success. How-to guides on gaining one million followers or how to travel the world for free. And although this sounds nice –  I don’t believe this should be the goal.


Instead of followers these are people who are a part of your tribe and online community who have the power to help you grow and create something awesome.


Authentic Growth is your how-to guide for creating an organic and powerful online community. This is a step-by-step breakdown of how to create a relevant brand and account on Instagram that will get you noticed and attract the right people into your community.

Take a second to imagine this…

Connecting with thousands of like minded people every time you open your Instagram App. People who share your passions, and are interested in your work. People who will eat up your content and will visit your website.

Opening your Instagram and talking to hundreds of new people every day and each of them are rooting for you because they love your content and appreciate your value.

That awesome feeling of really understanding your voice online, your goals and a clear path on how to attain them. Imagine narrowing in on your target audience, finding your voice and engaging meaningfully with them.

It is possible and I can show you how!


Lesson 1: Branding

In this first lesson you are going to learn how to create an effective and authentic brand starting from the ground up. Brainstorm a unique and identifiable username or brand name, find a relevant niche, and zero in on how you will attract the right community.


Lesson 2: All About the Bio

First impressions are important, learn how to create an awesome one with a bio on Instagram that will make you stand out. Learn the three essential things every effective bio has and how you can make your bio searchable and reach wayyyy more people.


Lesson 3: Photography Tips

One of the biggest things about Instagram is the photos right!? That’s why you will learn the photography mistakes that people make which hold them back from success, and what you can do to create a stellar grid that feels like YOU.


Lesson 4: All About the Captions

In this lesson you will learn ALL the tips on how to write captions that are effective and engage your ideal audience resulting in the TONS of meaningful connections!


Lesson 5: Community

Here you will learn EVERYTHING that you can and should be doing to engage with the right people who will be excited about your content and message. In the chapter you will learn all the tips and tricks that people don’t want you to know which help you reach people who will share your vision.

“The thing about authenticity is that it’s just so damn rare. Personally I have always been terrified of exposing myself to social media. Being a closet writer, the realisation that building a following is important has begun to sink in. But where to begin and how to do it in a way that feels true to me? ​

The beauty of Miles of Smiles is in the details; how truly authentic it is and the community of real people it engages.  Which is why Authentic Growth is such a great How To Guide. It covers the nitty gritty details of creating a following whilst giving pointers on how to remain genuine.

Super charged with Kelsey’s quirky, sunny personality and full of practical, truly useful advice. It’s the perfect guide for someone like me, a complete beginner and a great return to the basics for more experienced bloggers and instagrammers.”

Hannah Minnie – Writer

“Not only was it SUCH a fun read but it was super informative and insightful!! Great for anyone interested in starting an Instagram or hone in and focus one they already have to maximize authentic engagement!”

Lisa Cronk – Avid Instagrammer

“Kelsey’s book is a goldie!! It’s broken down into easily workable sections that cover everything you need to know to about your Instagram account. 

I found the sections on making your account more searchable and her tips on branding so useful! Kelsey has taken a different angle to the normal “how to grow your Instagram” guides, by really focusing on how to build your online COMMUNITY – and we all know that engagement and influence means more than numbers on Instagram! 

Thanks to her book I feel like I have a growth plan and a clear idea of what direction to take my account! If you’re unsure why your growth is stagnant then I can’t recommend it enough!!”

Frances Fraser-Reid Blogger

Lets go back in time, two years ago…

I was just starting my Instagram and I felt like I was drowning in the sea of similar accounts. I felt as though it was impossible to stand out and generate interest online.

I was so frustrated by how much faster everyone else seemed to be growing compared to me, and how inauthentic the platform seemed. 

I knew there had to be like minded people who were interested in creating an organic online community andddd I was right.

I was just attracting all the wrong ones, BUT after years of trial and error I have figured out a way to attract the right ones!

It is all laid out here, in Authentic Growth.

Hey that’s me!

My name is Kelsey, I’ll be your teacher for these 5 fab lessons. 

I started my Instagram with an idea that a community could be made the old fashioned way, that there are people out there seeking authentic engagement and support online.

I grew my Instagram community from zero to over twelve thousand, while consistently doubling my blog’s monthly viewers and creating a tight nit Facebook group and Pinterest presence as well.

I have made the all the mistakes that you might be making now, and I can teach you how to avoid ALL of them! I know that the strategies that I discuss in this book work because they are the exact things I have done over this past year!

Miles of Smiles

So what is included with Authentic Growth?!Along with the 34 page eBook you will also receive FREE access to:

  • Bonus #1 Photo Genius, which is a beginners guide to editing in Adobe Lightroom like a pro! (This VIP bonus has EXPIRED, it is no longer available)
  • Bonus #2 A printable 10 page workbook that follows the same format as the eBook, making it super easy for you to organize your thoughts and maximize your results. 
  • checkBonus #3 Access to the Our Miles of Smiles Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and gain support from like minded friends.
  • check


Along with the Authentic Growth eBook you will receive tons of freebies like the actionable workbook and my other super duper popular photo editing eBook which will teach you everything you need to know to start editing your photos in Adobe Lightroom. 

You will ALSO get access to the Our Miles of Smiles Facebook Group where we can support fellow grammers’ and ask questions to people who understand our interests. 


I am UBER confident that you will love this book as much as I do, but if not, I will of course give you your $5.95 back within a week of the purchase!


How long will I have access to Authentic Growth?

Fo’eva! Once it is downloaded you can use it and read it as many times as you would like!

How will I get my eBook?

Once payment is confirmed the eBook will automatically be sent to your email along with the free workbook and Adobe Lightroom Guide! If you do not wish to receive any more freebies or emails after purchase you can unsubscribe at any time.

Do you offer any consultations or one on one chats about my Instagram?

Yes! Please send me an email regarding this to see rates.

Can’t I just find all of this information online?

These days you can find everyone online but there is SO much out there online that is vague, incorrect and frankly not worth your time to search for. Authentic Growth gives you all the strategies I have learned over years of trial and error. It is streamlined and jam packed with everything that you will may spend the next year figuring out for yourself. Wouldn’t you rather save that time? Plus, once you get Authentic Growth any updates or changes in strategies will be updated to the book! You will always have the best information to grow your community!

Now’s your time to start growing online.

If you want to create an organic community full of engaged individuals, Authentic Growth is your step-by-step guide to do so.