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Week 6

Weekly Smiles While staying at a guest house in Puerto Princesa we met the sweetest little girl! Her name is Avi! Avi’s mother owns Marie Ville Bed and Breakfast. We were only in Puerto Princesa for a day, and because it rained the whole time we spent the majority of our […]


Weekly 4: Weekly Smiles

Weekly Smiles Recently I spent a week in Vietnam here are some of my favorite smiles! While in Vietnam my boyfriend and I traveled to Sapa and trekked through the rice terraced mountains for two days! We stayed at our guides grandmas house, and these little cuties all lived there […]

Smiles, Vietnam

Week 3: Weekly Smiles

Weekly Smiles Gorgeous Hmong lady with the worlds cutest baby who we met on our trek through the mountains of Sapa. Recently I spent a week in Vietnam, here are some of my favorite smiles! While in Vietnam we traveled to Sapa, while there we completed a two day, one […]


Week 2: Weekly Smiles

Weekly Smiles As a part of a new series I every Friday I want to share with you smiles that inspire me! Maybe they are smiles that I witness once, in passing, or everyday. Lets spread the positive vibes and get to know the world one smile at a time. […]