Why the Kosan Go Travel Dress is the BEST Travel Dress

As wonderful and enlightening as traveling is, it can also come with a unique set of challenges, right? While navigating different cultures there are so many things that you are thinking about, and experiencing but often times for us gals the question of ‘what should I wear?’ is also at the forefront.

You of course, want to be appropriate and considerate of the country you are in but need something customizable so that you can wear it in different circumstances.

Something comfortable, but also stylish.

Something you can be active in but at the same time something that travels well and doesn’t show too many obvious sweat stains.

This conundrum of what to wear when traveling is something that I know many of us struggle with but I am SUPER excited to share with you an answer to our traveling woes. The beautiful geniuses behind the brand Kosan Travel Co. have come up something truly remarkable.

The Kosan Go Travel Dress is here, and if you are like me – then this dress is going to change yo’ life!


A day spent biking around beaches in Hualien, Taiwan


What makes the Go Travel Dress so fabulous?


What really sets the Kosan Go Travel Dress apart from the other dresses in your closet is the thoughtfully designed fit and features which solve so many common problems us traveling women face.


Here is the second shorter length, just above the knee.

The Fit:

Before we get into all the fun features that the dress has, let’s talk about the fit. I am not a model, I have a big booty and thighs that jiggle, I am 5 foot 5 and wear a D size cup – usually, I am a US size 6.

So with all this in mind, I ordered a size medium and was pleasantly surprised that it fit PERFECTLY.

The fit is fantastic and so comfortable.

Sometimes I have problems with wrap dresses because the skirt is too tight or too short BUT this was absolutely not the case. With the Kosan Go Travel Dress, there was enough fabric to cover my bottom half and the way it draped was super flattering!

There is enough fabric on the top half too so the cleavage isn’t too much, and no undershirt or cami is needed! The tie hit me perfectly at my natural waist and fit nicely through the shoulders. Oftentimes cap sleeves can be a little tight on my arms but this dress was very comfortable.

Cute keyhole cut out on the back.

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The choice of fabric is no doubt one of the reasons that Go Travel Dress is so comfortable, and cute. The lightweight four-way stretch material clings and stretches in all the right places and comes in four different colors.


This is one of the key features which makes the dress so awesome – let’s get into the rest!


Pockets, pockets and more pockets:


One of the best things about any dress is the fact that it has pockets, right?! And the Kosan Go Travel Dress not only has two zippered pockets on the sides but another special hidden pocket on the bust. It is smaller and perfect for keeping valuables like money or credit cards.


Multiple lengths:

Because I live in Asia, one of the biggest things I now look for in dresses is the length. Due to restrictions on length when visiting temples, or needing more coverage when riding scooters, I like to look for dresses that can cover my knees.

This dress has two different lengths. The first right at the knee and the next is just above the knee. This makes it great for many different occasions!



No wrinkles, no problem:

This dress is made of a fabric which is naturally wrinkle-resistant, and I put it to the test. On my latest trip, I traveled with just a backpack. So, I just rolled the dress up and threw it in the bag. When I got to my destination I pulled it out and it was 100% unwrinkled!


Passed the sweat test:

Another thing about traveling in SE Asia is the humidity and heat! So many of my clothes are ruined due to sweat stains and often times great photo opts turn into just hilarious documentation of pit stains or back sweat.

Not with the Kosan Go Travel Dress. The durable quick-dry fabric is also treated with moisture wicking and odor blocking properties. This makes it the best option for multiple days of wear!

I took the dress out on an all-day bike ride in Hualien, Taiwan and sweat a TON (it was very hot)- we took photos the whole time and not a pit stain or a back sweat mark in sight! Yippee!



I can confidently say that the Kosan Go Travel Dress is the best piece of travel wear that I own. It is comfortable, stylish, photographs beautifully, and has all the features a gal on the go needs. It is exclusively being launched on Kickstarter, to find out how to this dress for yourself – click here!


What do you think, is this dress perfect for your upcoming trip or what? 🙂




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