Kosan 5 in 1 Travel System

When preparing for a trip, your luggage is one of the first things to sort out. Especially on long trips your bag is a home away from home. Finding something that fits all your needs can prove to be a challenging task but thanks to the Kosan Travel Co. this process has just gotten a whole lot easier!

At Kosan Travel Co. they believe that through travel we can be the positive change there is in the world and they want to better prepare us  for this journey.

The founders asked if I would like to test out some of their products and let them know what I thought, and I of course agreed!

LET ME TELL YOU – their 5 in 1 traveling system is the best thing ever. This bag was built for travelers by travelers, making it different from any other backpacking bags out there! The founders of Kosan have traveled to over 30 different countries and understand what is essential in a travel bag.

The Packs

The main 35L pack can be comfortably held in your hand, over the shoulder like a duffel, or can be carried like a backpack. I usually find that backpacking bags are too large, cumbersome and annoying to carry but the Kosan backpack is really the perfect size and is easily carried.

It has a large clamshell opening which makes it so easy to pack and unpack. It has lockable zippers, a laptop pocket, a contoured mesh back for breathability, compression straps, a waterproof cover, and a hidden valuables pocket – just to name a few of the convenient and thoughtful features! The many  different pockets make for an incredibly organized back, which is mega helpful for unorganized people like me! Another wonderful thing is the material, it is heavy duty. I’ve had bags rip enroute to various places making for a bit of a nightmare, but this bag is strong. Just overall it is a stellar design!


Their system also comes with a smaller 15L day pack which has all the same qualities of the larger bag but just on a smaller scale. It is equipped with a laptop pocket, slash proof straps, an expandable water bottle compartment, and a cobra buckle for added security.

Innovative New Design

How many times have you done the ol’ backback on the back, backpack on the front travel uniform. You know – the one transforming you into a pregnant hunchbacked turtle? Well with Kosan you can bid farewell to those days!

Using the Kosan 5 in 1 system you can carry both packs completely hands free. The day pack clips onto the main pack in the front using sturdy spring clips. This distributes the weight evenly over your shoulders which makes carrying to bags super easy!

I was super impressed by Kosan Travel Co. The founders really had travelers in mind when creating this bag and it is unlike any other bag I have traveled with. It is lightweight, sturdy, safe and comfortable. I have been so impressed by the design, materials, and functionality. If you are planning a trip, a Kosan Pack is an absolute must have.


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Disclaimer: Kosan Travel Co. did send me this bag for free but I am not being paid for this blog post and as always all opinions are my own! I wouldn’t recommend this product if I wasn’t completely obsessed!




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